Rent a Folding Electric Wheelchair

What is the Overall Purpose of the Monthly Rental Program?

We know it can be intimidating to purchase chairs completely online without being able to sit in one first. Plus, we know that not everyone can make it to one of our events to see the chairs in person. As a RETAIL company and not a rental company, we felt that this extra option might benefit disabled people in our communities. This program was designed to provide our customers, as a courtesy, with another way to get one of our chairs. It allows people to try out the chair before they invest full payment for the chair. It will also allow people to have a monthly payment option that doesn’t require full payment upfront in order for them to receive the chair.

The chairs we use for this program are usually from overstock. These are brand new chairs pulled from current inventory and placed in the rental line, ONLY when overstock is available. It is important to note that at certain times of the year, we may not have any overstock available which can limit rental availability. Luckily, we always have chairs available for full payment purchase, that come with a 30-day trial period, so that you won’t have to wait to get a chair.

Whom is the Monthly Rental Program Designed for?

  1. It is ONLY for people who DO NOT have a COLOR preference. We will ship you the next available color. You DO NOT get to pick the color of your rental chair. 
  2. It is also ONLY for people who need a permanent electric wheelchair solution, NOT a temporary one. If you are needing a temporary rental, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause since we do NOT offer any temporary rentals.

How can I get a Monthly Rental Wheelchair?

We release rental chairs on the 1st and 15th of the month when stock is available (if the 1st and the 15th fall on a weekend, the chairs will release on that Monday)

We will run a Soft Credit Check to determine if you will be charged an additional Security Fee or Not. This deposit is NON-Refundable; however, it can be used towards the balance if the chair is paid off early.

What is Option when I get the Monthly Rental chair?


Our RENT-to-OWN Option is very popular with people wanting a monthly payment option. As you pay your rental payment each month to use the wheelchair in your home, you move closer to the possibility of owning your own chair. With this option, we are giving you the advantage to OWN the rental chair after 9 months of rental payments. At any time during the 9-months, you can call us to get PAYOFF on the wheelchair you are currently renting. Payoff quotes are good until your next scheduled monthly rental payment. We will give you the updated purchase price for the wheelchair you are renting, by deducting all payments you have made to date towards that rental. Any money paid towards the wheelchair you are renting DOES NOT TRANSFER to the purchase of a different chair.

What if the Monthly Rental chair Doesn’t Work for Me?

  1. Put the rental chair back in its original packaging
  2. Call us to schedule pickup for the monthly rental chair

What are the Costs Associated with the Monthly Rental Returns?

  1. $140 FLAT RATE Ground Shipping fee – Unless you select a Faster Shipping Option
  2. Any damages while in your possession will be due immediately upon inspection

MagSHOCK® RENTAL CHAIRS - Rental Payment: $350/Month

MagSHOCK® RENTAL CHAIRS - Dimensions & Specifications

    • Net Weight with Batteries: 60 LBS
    • Maximum Weight Limit: 400 LBS
    • Dynamic Drive 360 Degree Precision Control Joystick
    • 5-Speed Joystick Cruise Control: 0.5 MPH, 1 MPH, 2 MPH, 3 MPH, 4 MPH
    • Maximum Driving Speed: 4 MPH (ADA & FDA Compliant)
    • Unfolded Height: 38 inches
    • Overall Width: 24 inches (Fits through Bathroom Doors)
    • Folded Height: 36 inches (With Joystick in Armrest, 30 inches w/o)
    • Folded Width: 16 inches
    • Seat Width Between Armrests: 20 inches
    • Seat Depth: 20 inches
    • Backrest Height: 18 inches
    • Floor to Seat Cushion Height: 20 inches
    • Floor to Armrest Height: 28 inches
    • Rear All-Terrain Tread Wheel Dimensions: 12 inches by 2.5 inches
    • Front All-Terrain Tread Wheel Dimensions: 8 inches by 2 inches
    • Front to Back Wheelbase Length: 40 inches
    • Super Tight Turning Radius: 32 inches

Soft Credit Check is Required to Rent a Wheelchair

What is a Soft Credit Check?

Our Rental Program is very popular with our customers. Most people have enjoyed the Rental Options to offer payment flexibility, and to help meet their mobility needs. In order to keep the Rental Program benefiting EVERYONE…We will run a Soft Credit Check to look at your credit score. A Soft Credit Check does not effect your credit score, it only helps us determine if you are a high risk renter or not. Depending on your current credit score, a One-Time Security Fee may or may not be applied to your First Month’s Rent. If your current credit score is below 680, then you will not qualify for the Rental Program.

This is NOT a Hard Credit Check it DOES NOT show as an inquiry on your Credit Report!

The Soft Credit Check is completed instantly through this website, BEFORE you rent the wheelchair. You will automatically be emailed the link to rent your wheelchair. Your unique rental link will either have a Zero Security Fee, or a One-Time Security Fee automatically applied, depending on your credit score. This Additional Security Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE when the rental chair is shipped back.

FAQ's: About Our Rental Program Options

How much is shipping?

$59 FLAT RATE Ground Shipping on all rentals from our warehouse to your address.

Are the rental chairs the exact same chair as the NEW inventory?

Yes, we take 10% of New inventory and allocate it to the rental lineup.

If I choose the rent-to-own option, do I get to pick my color?

No, like our website states above. No matter which rental option you decide on, you get to pick the model of the chair, but not the color. We will ship you the next available color.

Can I rent accessories also?

No, we only rent the wheelchair. Once you decide that our chair meets your mobility needs, you can purchase any of our accessories. We consider our accessories convenience items, helping make our lives on wheels much easier. You can purchase accessories with your rental or buy them later.

Do you get to pick the color of the rental chair?

No, our rental program was established to help people TRY-before-you-BUY. We give you 30-days to see if our wheelchairs will meet your mobility needs. If a specific color is a must for you, then we suggest you purchase a new chair in the color of your choice.

After I have finished the 9-month rent-to own option, do I get to trade the chair in for the color of my choice.?

No, like our website states above. You will be renting to own the model and color already in your possession. No matter which rental option you decide on, you get to pick the model of the chair, but not the color.

Are the rental chairs used?

No, we take 10% of New inventory and allocate it to the rental lineup. If you are the first person to rent that particular wheelchair, you will receive a new chair.

What if I only need the rental for a day, weekend, or week?

We do not offer temporary rentals, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.