3-Year Warranty

Industry Leading 3-Year Warranty

All the Details of Our Warranty:

  • 3-YEAR Warranty on Main Frame: Main Frame Warranty covers manufacturer defects if a frame piece breaks at the weld point, or if a bolt/nut breaks at the joint. However, your warranty does not cover damage that can be traced to a driving accident, blunt force trauma, collision or dropping your wheelchair while loading/unloading. These types of collision damages provide clear evidence of this type of trauma with dents, cracks or breaks in the frame, scraps in the paint, scratches, chunks missing from armrest or footrest pads, broken or missing caps/covers. For example, driving your wheelchair into door frames, concrete curbs (curb-checking), walls, baseboards, down individual steps, staircases or exceeding the maximum weight capacity. We can repair this  type of damage, but it is not a warranty issue.
  • 1-YEAR Warranty on Rear Motors ONLY (does not include rear tires)
  • 1-YEAR Warranty on the Lithium-ion Batteries
  • 1-YEAR Warranty on the Joystick and Drive Control System (does not include the buttons on top of the joystick)
  • 30-DAY Limited Warranty on Wearing Parts: such as the rubber tires, armrest & footrest pads, joystick button covers, joystick control knob, mesh seat & backrest cushions, under the seat storage bag, wheel bearings and caps & covers.

If your wheelchair has stopped functioning properly please fill out the “Repair Request” on our Service Page. You can schedule a Video Repair Call so we can see the chair and troubleshoot your problem.

No Warranty Claim will be accepted for wheelchairs with a bent frame. Bent Wheelchair Parts can be repaired by us, but will need to be paid for by the customer.

Any parts under warranty will be replaced and shipped to your door by FedEx Ground or UPS Ground.


Rain, Drizzle, Total Down Poor, Puddles, Water Runoff, Mud, Snow, Blizzard, Slush, and any other weather related elements you might face while driving your FOLD & GO.

FAQ's About Our Warranty

What does warranty mean?

A warranty is a type of guarantee that a manufacturer makes regarding the condition of its product. It also refers to the terms and situations in which repairs or replacements will be made in the event that the product stops functioning as originally described or intended.

Can I get Warranty work from Any Medical Equipment Dealer or DME?

No, we repair and service all our own chairs. Since the FOLD & GO electronics are 100% waterproof, we are the only manufacturer that uses our patented weatherproofing technology. Once your FOLD & GO is in our possession we repair within 24-Hours. No more waiting weeks, or months for other dealers to order non-compatible parts from China or other countries to fix your wheelchair. Since we are in wheelchairs ourselves we understand that you cannot be without your chair. This is one of the many advantages for buying a FOLD & GO.

What is the difference between a Warranty Repair, and a Non-Warranty repair?

Warranty Repair: Has to do with manufacturing defects. For instance, if a frame piece breaks at the weld point, or if a bolt/nut breaks at the joint. These situations are examples of warranty repairs.

Accident Repair: Has to do with damage that occurs to the wheelchair. This is usually due to misuse or mishandling of the wheelchair. For instance, driving accidents, running into objects, dropping the wheelchair while loading or unloading. These examples tend to snap frame pieces, or cause damage to different sections of the chair. Even though we can fix ALL TYPES of accidents, they are not covered by the warranty.

Negligence Repair: Has to do with not tightening ALL the bolts of your chair. If bolts are not tightened every month, and checked regularly after airplane flights, this will cause the individual frame pieces of your chair to fall apart, break, and or stop working properly. These kinds of repairs are not covered by the warranty.


Wearing parts, or pieces of the wheelchair that typically wear out during use.

Tires tend to wear out and will need to be replaced according to your driving habits. Wheel bearings can break if the tire hits an object. The tread or wheel will come off if driving into objects or curb checking.

Seat & Backrest Cushions tend to wear out, or get holes from objects in your pockets, items attached to your pants, or leg/hip/back braces that rub the mesh cushion liner.

Storage Bag underneath the seat, can wear our or get holes from heavy objects being placed in the bag, or by not keeping it snapped in place.

Footrest Pad can crack or have chunks removed from it, from rough sole shoes/boots, and metal leg braces. It can also crack or break from running into walls, base boards, or other objects we may run into.

Armrest Pads can crack or have chunks removed from it, if driven into walls, door frames, tables, countertops, or other obstacles.  They can also wear out due to arm braces.

Caps & Covers can fall out when loading or unloading the chair. We recommend rubber cement on caps or covers that need to be removed to tighten the bolts underneath. Also, the plastic dial cover, on the front hinge joint, will separate from the threads if over tightened.