What Do People Really Think About FOLD & GO WHEELCHAIRS?

“I just want to say Thank You for all the help I received from Christie. Christie made purchasing my Fold and Go wheelchair an easy and actually pleasant experience.

When I spoke to Christie, I told her how I loved doing business with Fold and Go Wheelchairs knowing that all the employees are actual users of the wheelchairs made by this company. I know that any questions I may have about my new wheelchair will be answered by someone who actually knows the product since they themselves are using it. This, as you well know, is a big plus in purchasing this wheelchair.

I truly look forward to having my independence back again and no longer feeling like a prisoner in my own home anymore. Thanks for this great and innovative product. Keep up the great work you are doing to help the rest of us gain back our independence.

Sincerely & God Bless, Terry S.”

Terry ~ New Jersey, USA


“My wife owns a heavy duty turquoise FOLD & GO chair & recently we went to Washington DC for our 25th wedding anniversary. You will see pictures of my wife Babs in her chair at several monuments like The Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial. We also visited the Arlngton Cemetary on one full charge. She was able to go up & down the cemetary hills to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Kennedys burial sight, the Women’s Veteran Memorial, & the Iwo Jima Memorial, then back to the Metro to get back to the hotel. One picture of Babs in front of The Castle of the Smithsonian Institute with some of it’s beautiful garden.

We rode the Metro, which is the subway & bus line, to get around town. We only had trouble with the chair one time. One of the subway stops had too large of a gap to cross to get in the rail car & she got stopped. We got separated then, but she caught the next train that came through & we were reunited.

One day was an adventure. It rain all day some times pretty heavy & her chair worked like a champ. The problem we had was it was the 3rd of June & being from Texas we weren’t prepared for the temperature to only go to 58 degrees as a high with rain & wind. We gave up fighting the weather & went back to the hotel. You know it never fails, we get back to the hotel & the Sun comes out & it warms up. Well, at least we had a good dinner that night.

All in all it was a wonderful trip & the wheelchair did magnificently. It went up and down hills with eas & kept right on plugging through the rain with no problem. We are very happy we got the chair when we did.”

Slayden ~ Texas, USA


“My FOLD & GO was delivered in mid March and I quickly adapted to the chair. After taking a few practice runs around our senior community, my husband and I took it to the nearby Bok Tower Gardens and I drove it on paved, gravel, mulch and boardwalk pathways! The chair could handle all with ease.

Our next venture was EPCOT at Walt Disney World and I was pleased that I could maneuver even the sharp turns in the ride lines. Not only did I appreciate the freedom, but my husband’s back was no longer strained by pushing me in my manual wheelchair.

Within ten days we went on our first overnight trip to Charleston, SC to view the azaleas and other spring blooms. We toured plantations that were not handicap adapted, but the FOLD & GO tackled all obstacles including grassy slopes when no ramps were available.

As the company advertises, we both feel we are free to go anywhere and not have to worry about my walking limitations. The chair holds a charge for a long time – two days of touring plantations before a charge was needed. We both love and recommend FOLD & GO WHEELCHAIRS®!”

Diana ~ Florida, USA


“I had the most wonderful experience with FOLD & GO Wheelchairs. I rented a purple heavy-duty wheelchair for vacation at Walt Disney World. I filled out the form on their website. When I arrived at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, I had already received a text for the time frame they were to meet me. I was given complete instructions and all of my questions were answered.

I enjoyed learning how to use the joystick since I have only used my own scooter for over a decade. I ended up only having to use the lowest speed level as walking speed for all those around me. I weigh 340 lbs and I did not have any problems going up any hills like at the Animal Kingdom Park. And I never had to recharge the batteries until I returned to my resort room after using it all day. The battery level always stayed in the green and rarely reached the yellow and never reached the red LED lights.

This wonderfully made wheelchair worked and lasted far better than any scooter that I have used. And the price was far more reasonable than any other company that I have ever used or looked at. I am saving my pennies because I am going buy one of these FOLD & GO heavy-duty Wheelchairs.

They owned and sold and build by wheelchair users. And they are made in America so I don’t have to worry about repairs or parts. Those mobility companies are made in China and sold in America by suits. I have had a terrible time trying to repair my own scooter because of this. I can’t tell you how excited I am. What a wonderful company and staff to communicate with. Sincerely, Ray”

Ray ~ Florida, USA


“My wife’s FOLD & GO Electric Wheelchair is a life saver and life changer. We have used manual wheelchairs and electric scooters in the past. The FOLD & GO chair outperforms both. I’m a 69 year old skinny guy, but am still able to maneuver and lift the heavy duty model. Even though the unit is able to handle a large person, travel through fields, and up hills, it easily folds up into a compact unit for easy handling and storage. We are a fan!”

Rick ~ Ohio, USA


“I’m going to keep this short, but my oh my!! My neurological disorder, CMT, hit hard and began progressing in 2010. I was slowly reduced from a snails gait without assistance, to requiring a cane for balance, then finally had to resign to a “transport” chair and dependant on someone to take me everywhere. After 8 years of this, the Good Lord made it possible for me to purchase an electric wheelchair. The decision wasn’t easy because there are so many out there to choose from, but after several months of research and prayer, I found the FOLD & GO wheelchair online. I read every article, every review, and watch every video available. After seeing Michele’s testimony (Michele is the owner and CEO) I was convinced this company had the disabled person in mind when building their chairs. They are not only well built using tubular steel (not aluminum), but they are water-proof and will climb a 25-degree incline not an 8 to 12 degree like all other chairs. Not to mention, all the colors they offer just made them irresistible!

I ordered the HD GREEN. It arrived 2 days ago and it took no more than a minute to master turning, parking, backing up, and squeezing in and out of tight places… I’m like a kid with legs again! I encourage anyone who needs a solidly built wheelchair whose electronic joystick or motor will not be ruined by a rainy day to invest in a FOLD & GO. My life has been changed. I can choose to go where I CHOOSE to go within the store, at a park, the zoo, etc. and not be dependent on the choice the one pushing me makes.

Thank you, Michele, for putting your heart, soul, mind, and research into finding the best wheelchairs for those who cannot walk of their own accord. I introduced my sister (with the same genetic disability as I) to the FOLD & GO a few weeks ago and now she has ordered one! She chose turquoise. I wish we could ride together but she’s in Portland and I am in Missouri. I’m going to finish out my years enjoying life again! THANK YOU!! And God bless and prosper your business.”

Patricia ~ Missouri, USA


“When I started looking at the internet for an electric wheelchair, one web site piqued my interest- it talked about WEATHERPROOF electric wheelchairs; the only one that did- it was FOLD & GO.

I received my beautiful blue HD FOLD & GO wheelchair about a month ago. Wow! And so easy to learn to drive. My wife and I are dog show judges and two weeks ago, I took my new wheelchair on its maiden airline flight- actually four legs to judge dog shows. Sunday late morning into the afternoon could be characterized as “frog choking” rain. A small pop-up tented protected the dog show ribbons and judges table from the down pour. Unfortunately, my wheelchair was at the edge of the tenting and rain pelted the chair and water ran off the tent onto it.

When dog judging was done, my judging ring had over an inch of standing water in places and my wheel chair was soaked. I maneuvered my chair to some protection and removed the seat cushion from the case and the back cushion to air dry both. It worked perfectly and is truly WEATHERPROOF!”

Robert ~ Washington, USA


“I had the most wonderful experience with FOLD & GO Wheelchairs. I rented a purple heavy-duty wheelchair for vacation at Walt Disney World. I filled out the form on their website. When I arrived at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, I had already received a text for the time frame they were to meet me. I was given complete instructions and all of my questions were answered. I enjoyed learning how to use the joystick since I have only used my own scooter for over a decade. I ended up only having to use the lowest speed level as walking speed for all those around me.

I weigh 340 lbs and I did not have any problems going up any hills like at the Animal Kingdom Park. And I never had to recharge the batteries until I returned to my resort room after using it all day. The battery level always stayed in the green and rarely reached the yellow and never reached the red LED lights.

This wonderfully made wheelchair worked and lasted far better than any scooter that I have used. And the price was far more reasonable than any other company that I have ever used or looked at. I am saving my pennies because I am going buy one of these Fold and Go heavy-duty Wheelchairs. They owned and sold and build by wheelchair users. And they are made in America so I don’t have to worry about repairs or parts. Those mobility companies are made in China and sold in America by suits. I have had a terrible time trying to repair my own scooter because of this. I can’t tell you how excited I am. What a wonderful company and staff to communicate with. Sincerely, Ray”

Ray ~ Orlando, USA


“My chair just arrived and I only ordered it a week ago! I will have to add a testimonial about FREEDOM soon! But I am so excited because I have been shopping power chairs and scooters off and on for over 5 years. I am taking a trip to Alaska this summer and am no longer apprehensive about how I am going to get around. My right leg is paralyzed and I can use a walker to navigate, but that is a slow process! Too slow for a trip like this!

I would like to thank Christy in Austin, Texas for talking to me last week for an hour and a half. She could answer any question I had about the chair. Christy also travels with her chair quite a bit and addressed all my questions about air travel with the chair.

When I told My UPS delivery man what was in the box, he wondered why he could carry the box in! So we unpacked it while he was here so he could see it, and he was amazed. He and his family are going to buy one for his grandmother! Look out Fold & Go, I have a big mouth and you are going to have a lot of advertising being done on your behalf. Keep the production line going!

Thanks again to Christy (apologies if I am misspelling her name) and the entire Fold & Go team. I can’t wait to get rolling!”

Judy ~ Atlanta, USA


“Every time we went to Walmart I would leave my husband at the front waiting for a cart to ride. Most times it was a 25 to 35 minute wait. The last time like always I did my shopping and 2 hours later he was still waiting. I cried that day because I assumed he was shopping and I found him at the front of Walmart looking just so sad. That was the last straw. When we got home I went on a search on the internet. I found that we could rent him a fold & Go, very reasonable price and what an answer to prayers.

To make a long story short. We received the wheel chair, then the first chance we got we went back to Walmart and by the way it fits perfectly in our little Honda CRV.

I proceeded to lock the car up, and when I turned around he was gone, All I could see was his purple beanie hat driving his viking purple wheelchair like he was in a race to get inside and show off to all his friends that worked there. Now Instead of me waiting for him he waits for me.

He had so much fun that day going up and down the isles and around the store. He was waving at everybody and being silly, he no longer is home bound, and he now feels very independent maybe more than he should. It is so good to see the change in him. He is ready and willing to go anywhere now. Thank you Fold & Go”

**UPDATED** This is our 2nd review but we wanted to give a Big Shout out! to ‘Fold and Go’ Company. About 4 months of making monthly rental payments I received a phone call from them saying they knew how much my husband Eddie wanted a purple wheelchair.

They wanted to surprise him with another one only this would be purple.

All we had to do when we had the chance was to ship the first one back in exchange for the purple one. There were no extra charges for shipping or exchanging.

The only condition they gave me was not to tell him and believe me that was the hardest thing I ever had to do by keeping my mouth shut…I was so excited for him and could hardly wait for it’s arrival.

By the time it did Eddie was very suspicious of why I was acting suspicious and why there was a UPS truck pulling in the upper driveway.

He hardly can walk some days but it did not stop him from walking up the driveway that day with his two canes holding one in each hand to balance himself.

I found out later he was afraid to ride his wheelchair up because in his mind he thought he had to return it.

I wished I could of captured his smile and reaction on camera when he first saw his purple wheelchair.

Fold and Go not only surprised him with his new wheelchair they went out of their way even more to get him Minnesota Vikings decals. One on each side of the chair.

A very big thank you to Julie and your wonderful crew. We hope to pay it forward someday.

Edward & Mary ~ California, USA


“I love my heavy duty FOLD & GO! I live in “The Villages” retirement community in Florida. I wanted a folding electric wheelchair that would fit on the back of my Golf Cart. Here in The Villages we use golf carts to drive everywhere. Now I can remove my golf clubs and put in my HD FOLD & GO to drive into the town center for dinner. Thanks FOLD & GO for thinking of everything!!”

Barry ~ The Villages, USA


“I am glad to report that when I received my heavy duty FOLD & GO, I seat-belted it into a small area in the back of my already over-packed SUV and drove from Los Angeles, California to Portland, Maine and back again. I can now make a statement, based upon a 5 ½ week nationwide experience, how I feel about my FOLD & GO chair. I would not have been able to explore a good number of places my wife and I, and our dog Roxy, visited across America in our over-packed SUV without this wonderful chair, and I thank you all for making this BIG/LITTLE chair.

The first time I used it was in at Niagra Falls, Canada. I went down a half-mile hill of sidewalk along the river to the point the water goes over the edge and then back up the hill again. I would never have attempted that with my forearm crutches.

Next we visited John Brown’s Farm in Lake Placid, N.Y. That was the first time I actually drove it off of smooth lawns and found that it worked like a little tractor going up the uneven dirt path behind the John Brown’s barn. I was really impressed with the power I had in the joystick. That is me out by the barn and in front of the farmhouse. Then after folding it again and I was still able to fit it in the back of our SUV, which was getting smaller and smaller with every stop at stores and shops along the way.

After traveling through New York I was following the path of our Minutemen along the “Battle Road Trail,” near the “Minuteman Visitor Center,” between Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. I also drove the chair all over the grounds of the “Portland Headlight,” lighthouse in Maine. On the way back home we drove again through New York again and stopped at Letchworth State Park to see the water falls there. The FOLD & GO made it easy for me to walk Roxy along the paths at Letchworth park.

Everywhere I used it people asked me about it. I found it was easier to stand up and show people how it folds than to try to explain how small it folds. When I showed them their jaws fell open, but you already know that, right.”

Albert ~ California, USA


“WINTER SNOW NO PROBLEM! I just came back from using my chair up in Denver where it was snowing and the chair worked so great over there, I feared riding on the snow/ice but it handled great, I did have the guy who plowed the snow at the gift shop hang on to my chair as I drove it up and down the ramp of a gift shop that had all snow on it it was fun like the Olympics…I was bobsledding on my chair hee hee. Now I got over the fear of using it in such weather I am so glad for your chair.

I got rave compliments on the chair from my tour guides and airport staff too on how great the chair is. United Airlines even did a great thing, I think maybe the baggage handlers knocked a screw lose while they were loading it under the plane (I didn’t tell them I was missing a nut) but when I got it back upon arrival, I noticed they reversed the screw to the other end.

Now I want to go more places. I am now comfortable traveling and getting used to how to manage with my chair, luggage etc. The air attendants were so impressed with how I maneuvered around the airport and how I was so organized with my luggage system of getting off the plane etc too.

Thanks again for the wonderful product I always feel appreciation after every trip I come back from that I have enjoyed more thanks to having the chair.”

Dorothy ~ California, USA


“Vernon has been praying for a chair for 6 months. He was adopted 7 months ago from China. He was using a chair that was too big and that his brothers had to push him around in. He was THRILLED that God answered his prayer. The family has adopted 11 children, 4 have special needs. The family would never have been able to have room in their van for a big power chair. God used you in a mighty way! Thanks for your chair!!”

Vernon ~ Arizona, USA


“I have had my HD FOLD & GO for about two months now. I recently added the extended footrest and extended joystick mount as I’m a big guy. The chair and these modifications are working very well. Spring seems to have finally arrived in Western New York State and I’ve been puttering around my mobile home community and getting outdoors much more. This is going to open up opportunities I haven’t had for several years due to mobility issues. I’m calling my chair my Little Red Corvette. So far, it’s been very sturdy, fits battery life, comfortable ride… I have no complaints.”

Bill ~ New York, USA


“I have had my chair for 3 weeks and it is PERFECT! I am 67 years old, 300 lbs, have arthritic knees and I have recently retired. Until I found your website, it never occurred to me that it was important that my chair was water resistant so I would not be stuck if it started to rain. I took my chair to a water park resort and parked it poolside without a worry. Another great thing is that I can switch to freewheel and walk behind the chair from time to time, instead of being confined to sitting on a scooter. I love the quick connect joystick. I can remove the joystick and fold the chair and park it with baby strollers in a restaurant or to ride a ride at the park. I love the carabiners, to attach a tote or shopping to the chair. I can get it in and out of the car trunk by myself. Dont get me wrong…55 lbs is heavy but if you watch the video and use the edge of the car trunk as a lever with the back of the chair down, you will be surprised at how easy it is. Finally, the battery life and range is exactly as promised. Since I unpacked my chair I have been to a waterpark resort for a weekend, to Target, Ikea, Easton Town Center, Columbus Zoo, Toledo Zoo, and the mall, all on the original charge. I still had one yellow bar left when I put it on the charger today. I cant think of anything I would change. Thank you for a fantastic product!”

JD ~ Ohio, USA


“This electric wheelchair has changed my life. I had gotten to a point where I didn’t want to do any traveling anymore because of the pain of walking.

Since getting this chair, I took one trip out of state and was so happy with the performance of the chair and the mobility it gave me to actually move around again without fear of walking and increasing my pain. It was so great, I took a second trip out of state and plan on going much more often!!!

My husband is really enjoying having me mobile again and able to go on adventures with him.
Thank you, FOLD & GO!!! I have a life again!!!!

If anyone out there is at all hesitant, don’t be. We thought about a scooter and chose this instead because of the flexibility of travel and how easy it is to literally “fold and go”!!!”

Cheryl ~ Minnesota, USA


“HI, I have owned a Fold & Go for about 1 1/2 years now and what a life saver it has been to keep me active with my family and grandchild. I love to travel and had basically backed out of doing anything but small cruises – because I knew I could do it or it would be so difficult for my family members to push me around. Once I purchased the Fold & Go – I TRULY feel free! I have gone everywhere and you can’t stop me now.

I would like especially Thank Michele Klein, CEO for her advocacy. Recently on a trip of a LIFETIME and the airlines destroyed my chair on one of my flights. I was heartbroken. The airlines then tried to hire a third party dealer to repair my chair. That dealer was trying to replace my chair with a knockoff. Michele advocated to the airlines on my behal,f to make sure they did not give me a cheap knockoff as a replacement chair. Then FOLD & GO personally delivered a brand new chair to me today!”

Kathleen ~ Florida, USA


“I got the heavy duty green chair and I love love love it! I was finally able to go out with my family to the Big E. I have not done that in years. Other people in wheel chairs got stuck (fortunately abled people helped them) then they thought I would also get stuck but, I didn’t!! I was able to go everywhere my family wanted without issue. This chair is worth every penny!!!”

Randy ~ Maine, USA


“Oh my gosh! Just got my new HD hot pink super dooper cool wheelchair!!!!!!!!! It is not only beautiful and bright and happy and makes me smile when I see it, works real nice too!!!

Just wanted to say thanks for putting the armrest extensions on and packing it so nicely and getting it here quickly. Thank you. I’m sure once I’m out and about people will be asking me about my cool chair! I need the make a contact in my phone so I can share your information easily!”

Joyce ~ Colorado, USA


“I was treated for cancer nearly 9 years ago. No cancer now but complications from radiation and chemotherapy and a heart attack have left me mostly sitting at home. Today, I went with my grandchildren to a local natural history museum. It is the first time I have done something like that in years. My chair is my get out of jail card. I am very pleased with the chair and even more pleased with the new found mobility I now have.”

Ray ~ Utah, USA


“I’m so very happy with it. Used it for 5 hours on Saturday at the zoo. Fits so nicely in the trunk of my little Scion car. Great chair and very sturdy. 👌😎”

Jeffrey ~ Illinois, USA


“Absolutely love this wheelchair. It allows me to enjoy going to places where there’s usually a lot of walking or standing which are very strenuous for me. I’ve named mine “Bumblebee” as it transforms easily. I’ve also added my own modifications like LED headlights along the foot rest rim, LED taillights on the rear, an additional switch on the joystick controller for the LED lights, and perfect cup holder at the end of the non-joystick side arm rest. I’ve already planning on adding USB phone charger and more decorative LED lights. This will be a totally pimped out electric wheelchair!”

George ~ Washington, USA


“My custom colored chair turned out WAY BETTER than I imagined. I told them i wanted it lime green, like ‘Kermit the Frog’, and look at it. I get stopped every where I go, because no one else I know has a Kermit chair. Now we can ride in the water and sit in puddles just like Kermit. What an amazing chair and fits my style 100%.”

Francis ~ New York, USA


Our season tickets for the Seattle Seahawks are now complete with the addition of this wheelchair to our family. The other fans in our section love the new ride. Thanks for making this custom chair just for us!

Seahawks Rule ~ Seattle, WA USA


I have The Heavy Duty ” Blue Steel “. I absolutely LOVE IT. I was going to name it ” Dory “‎. My friends have called me Batman for years.

I have Cerebral palsy, fierce determination, and fantastic gadgets to support my superhero status.

Soooooooo……Hey, where can I get a light bulb to put in my headlight to shine the bat signal?? Does anyone know?

Michelle F. ~ Georgia, USA


My world just got a little bigger! With these new shiny wheels, Now, I can keep up with many adventures that require walking without needing someone to push me. It also collapses for transport and travel. And, with five speeds, I might actually race someone again. Look out, Tom 🙂

Elaine H. ~ Washington, USA


I have a confession…I’m addicted to Mountain Dew! My family surprised me with this chair and it is the exact same color as my Mountain Dew bottle. Now all I need is a Dew sticker on the side. This is the difference, when you buy from a company that makes the chairs and actually uses the chairs too. Electric wheelchairs built for all types of weather and my own color too. Love that Dew Chair!!

KJ-52 ~ Orange County, CA USA


“This is Terri, my wife Tina is still recovering from her surgery; I am VERY pleased to say it was a success and Tina is on her way to a much better and active way of life!! Our amazing Orthopedic Physician/Surgeon, told us that Tina’s tumor was one of the ugliest tumor’s he had seen in his career!  On top of the known growths, she had developed 3 additional “hooks” off of the original growth. One had punctured and was growing into her bursa, one was “playing the violin” with her sciatica, and the 3rd growing into and destroying muscle tissue. All was successfully removed and sent off for further testing.  We will soon be able begin working on her new treatment and recovery plan. 

Tina was able to use her amazing chair for just one day prior to her surgery as well as the day she was released. Our son cannot wait for her to come home tomorrow so that she can “zoom around and race him”! Your chair has already given Tina more confidence, more courage, and more purpose. I hope you guys don’t mind, but we have been sharing your story and your product with our friends and family.”

Tina W. ~ Seattle, Washington, USA


“What a brilliant design! It works great to keep in the back of the car for when we have a lot of walking to do. No need to buy a hitch for the car and a trailer to haul this electric wheelchair. It’s only 46 LBS so it travels anywhere. Battery lasts a long time for running errands or even going to an amusement park. This electric wheelchair gives us more freedom to go where ever we want. I’m very happy with my purchase.”

Taylor T. ~ Salmon Arm, British Columbia


“You have been a life saver, unusual circumstances happened they day I received my chair, hot water tank busted, the next day rained and had to do errands to fix flood damage. I was also worried about my family hurting themselves even though the chair only weighed 55 lbs. My son looked at me and said “Mom I don’t ever want you to be afraid to use your chair.”….

That was freedom…. I haven’t had that in so long, we moved into the hotel 2 days later and it is what has made it possible for me to go get breakfast each morning, go on errands with family, go to supply store to purchase things to fix house.

My hubby was leary as to the odd shape and weight when loading but after the first time he was so happy. And the smile he saw on my face when I could crank it up to level 5, he told me it was worth every penny.

Thank you for giving my life back, I had just became used to living in my Lift medical chair and not going outside, but I have been looking forward to when I can leave my home. It is more than you ever know, the thanks I give to you is immense.”

Cindy ~ Oklahoma, USA


“We picked one of these up for my grandmother. It’s great. It’s light, easy to unfold and even easier for her to use. Now it’s so much simpler for her to go anywhere with any of us at anytime. Just toss it in the trunk and she’s out and about. It fits in everyone’s car too, so no need to get a van or truck to bring the big chair anymore. She’s ecstatic and loving it. Plus it’s chrome, so it looks cool.”

Vince F. ~ Chicago, Illinois, USA


“This is an amazing travel chair! I had a friend visit and while my home and historic little town aren’t truly accessible, this chair made all the difference! We even went to Crater Lake and were able to tour all around. The chair performed great on gravel, blacktop, dirt and every environment we landed on! This chair, for such a small investment, makes travel fun for all!”

Dee Anne E. ~ Oregon, USA


“This chair is greatly convenient. With it folded it fits perfectly into the back of my Prius, and not the bigger car either, just the standard size. Once it is unfolded it’s simply ready to go. Makes really nice, tight turns. The variable speeds are great for navigating when there are a lot of people around so I can adjust to keep up with the flow of foot traffic. Of course I love the different colors so I can get a color that matches my personality. The bag underneath the seat is the perfect storage area for the chairs’ charger cord and there is still plenty of room for a jacket, purse, or whatever extra stuff I need to take with me. All around it’s a great electric chair. It’s not big and bulky yet still has great power and maneuverability. I think I may need to get another one so I can match chair color to my outfits!”

Kateri C. ~ California, USA


“The chair arrived today at the Saudi Arabi airport and we picked it up from the airport and we love it!”

Mohammed. ~ Saudi Arabia


“I have limited mobility. This powerchair is the best way to get around and see the world. Disney World, and cruises here I come!!”

Sharon J. ~ Amityville, NY, USA


“Great wheelchair, well thought out. we love that it can just go in the car, I can go and travel again or go to the mall, etc. excellent customer service so far. all that it promises to be.”

Angelica H. ~ Ithaca, NY, USA


“Very friendly and personal company. Chair is perfect to take anywhere. Light and easy for the caretaker to take in and out of the vehicle. Battery life is amazing. Had a few issues that were immediately handled by the company. Highly recommended.”

Janice E. ~ Arizona, USA


“I love this Chair! As a person that is overweight, I have lower back issues that make it difficult to do a lot of walking. With a 7-year-old daughter, I found that my back issues were keeping me from doing some of the activities my daughter wanted to do. So everywhere we went, that required a lot of walking, I would end up having to rent a wheelchair. Getting tired of paying so much to rent wheelchairs, I decided to spend the money for my own wheelchair. After looking at several different wheelchairs, I realized that I wanted a wheelchair that we could put in our car, that didn’t take up a lot of room. I also wanted a wheelchair that looked cool considering I am in my early 40’s. Now, I am able to take my daughter to the Zoo, and just recently we went to Disneyland and we had a blast! I couldn’t believe how many complements I got on my new wheelchair.”

Aimee W. ~ Arizona, USA


“My aunt has this chair and she just loves it! It’s pretty light and compact and fits in pretty much any car or trunk. She has been much more mobile since she got this chair: she’s able to go to the store more often, to the family outings, parks, birthday parties. She was even able to go see her niece’s softball game! Our family appreciates this chair very much as it made aunt Lisa’s life so much better and we get to enjoy her more. I’m not a specialist, but it seems like it’s easy for her to control. I also like that it comes with different color choices. It’s a great investment and I highly recommend it.”

Elena. ~ Nebraska, USA




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