Designed for small framed people ranging up to 5′ feet tall. Seat height electronically adjusts from 15″ to 20″. This chair adapts to fit your height. Growing kids can adjust the seat height as they get bigger!

SMALL in Stature, LARGE in Performance

Designed and Built for Smaller Sized Individuals: Children, Teens, Little People (medical condition known as Dwarfism) and Small Adults. Totally WeatherPROOF, 25 Degree Hill Climb, FAA Fly-Ready, and FOLD & GO’s.

NEUDOL® - Dimensions & Specifications

  • Net Weight with Batteries: 72 LBS
  • Weight Capacity: 150 LBS
  • Dynamic Drive 360 Degree Precision Control Joystick
  • Driving Range: 16 Miles – Includes 2 Batteries
  • 5-Speed Joystick Cruise Control: 0.5 MPH, 1 MPH, 2 MPH, 3 MPH, 4 MPH
  • Maximum Driving Speed: 4 MPH (ADA & FDA Compliant)
  • Unfolded Height: 36 inches
  • Overall Width: 21 inches (Fits through Bathroom Doors)
  • Folded Height: 18 inches
  • Folded Length: 32 inches
  • Seat Width Between Armrests: 17 inches
  • Seat Cushion: 16 x 16 inches
  • Backrest Seat Height: 18 inches
  • Floor to Top of Backrest Height: 32 to 37 inches
  • Floor to Seat Cushion Height: 15 to 20 inches
  • Floor to Armrest Height: 22 to 27 inches
  • Rear All-Terrain Tread Wheel Dimensions: 12 inches by 2.5 inches
  • Front All-Terrain Tread Wheel Dimensions: 8 inches by 2 inches
  • Front to Back Wheelbase Length: 38 inches
  • Super Tight Turning Radius: 32 inches
  • INCLUDES: 3-Year Warranty, ASAP Video Service Call, Wall Outlet Charger, Battery Only Charging Cable, Seat Belt, Remote Seat Fob, Two Battery Lock Keys, and a Tool Kit

NEUDOL® Pronounced as (Noodle), Patented and Trademarked Worldwide

LOWEST the Seat Height to 15"


Our PATENTED Adjustable Seat Height allows the User to set the height down to 15″ from the Ground.

MAXIMUM Seat Height to 20"


Our PATENTED Adjustable Seat Height allows the User to set the top height to 20″ from the Ground.

Our 3-Year Warranty Covers ALL Types of Weather Conditions - FOLD & GO Exclusive

NEUDOL® - Finally a Portable Electric Wheelchair for Little People

Every inch of the NEUDOL® has been thought out and has a purpose. Since we use wheelchairs ourselves we can test, redesign, and then test again to ensure that this wheelchair is portable, comfortable, and can monster truck over obstacles that traditional scooters & wheelchairs get stuck on!

NEUDOL® - Ergonomically Sculpted for Spine Support

Introduction to All the features of Neudol®

How to Unbox Neudol®