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GoDRIVE: Revolving Doors

Electric Wheelchairs Revolving Doors

Driving Electric Wheelchairs in Revolving Doors several things to keep in mind:

In this goDRIVE video, we show you Driving Electric Wheelchairs in Revolving Doors. At first glance, these none stop doors can be intimidating, but once you know the proper techniques that are super easy to master.

  1. Use your joystick (instead of the speed push buttons) to control the speed while you drive through the door opening.
  2. Time the gap opening to be able to fit through it when you have the most room.
  3. Once inside the door section, use the joystick to drive your chair the SAME SPEED AS THE REVOLVING DOOR.
  4. Be patient and do not drive faster than the door itself.
  5. Once you reach the other door opening you can speed up to exit the revolving door.

This has been another goDRIVE electric wheelchair driving tip video from Michele, our CEO.


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