GoDRIVE: Wheelchair Driving Tips

GoDRIVE: Turning in Tight Spaces

Turning electric wheelchairs

Turning electric wheelchairs in tight spaces in this situation:

In this goDRIVE video, we show you turning electric wheelchairs in tight spaces. Most of us are used to driving the 6-wheeled “Big Bertha”. Not all electric wheelchairs drive the same way. Some chairs are center drive, some are front wheel drive and some are rear wheel drive. Your FOLD & GO WHEELCHAIR is rear wheel drive.

  1. Make sure to look at the opening you want to turn or drive through.
  2. Don’t look at the obstacle itself, look at the gap between the obstacles.
  3. Before starting your turn, make sure the rear wheels are past the obstacle you want to turn around.
  4. Turning the chair too early will cause the back wheels to run over the obstacle.
  5. On rear wheel drive chairs, your pivot point is the center of the rear wheel.

This has been another goDRIVE electric wheelchair driving tip video from Michele, our CEO.


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