GoDRIVE: Wheelchair Driving Tips

GoDRIVE: Elevators – Getting IN and OUT

Electric Wheelchairs in Elevators

Electric Wheelchairs in Elevators, several things to keep in mind:

In this goDRIVE video, we show you how to maneuver Electric Wheelchairs in Elevators. Most able-bodied people think that you just drive into an elevator. For those of us that use a wheelchair on a daily basis, we know that not all elevators are created equal.

  1. While you drive through the doors look on the left and the right to locate the push buttons (not all elevators have the buttons on both sides).
  2. Once you locate which side the buttons are on, drive to that side of the elevator.
  3. Being on the button side of the elevator will allow you to easily push the button you want.
  4. Once you reach your desired floor, do a 180 degree turn to give you the best position to DRIVE OUT of the elevator.
  5. IF the elevator is crowded then you may have to back out or back in to the elevator, it depends on how “friendly” the people are in the elevator with you.

This has been another goDRIVE electric wheelchair driving tip video from Michele, our CEO.


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