GoDRIVE: Airplane Travel

GoDRIVE: Airplane Travel

In this goDRIVE video, Taking your Electric Wheelchair to the Airport, down the gangway to board the airplane, and folding up your chair. It’s a huge benefit having the freedom and the mobility to drive yourself around the airport, through TSA security, to the gate, and even grab something to eat or drink before your flight. You no longer have to be pushed manually by a total stranger and dropped off at the gate, to sit and wait for your flight.

Taking your Electric Wheelchair to the Airport, several things to keep in mind:

  1. Once at your gate get a “Gate Check” tag for your chair.
  2. Place your protected travel bag under your seat so you are ready to put it on your chair.
  3. BEFORE the gate attendant starts the boarding process, be at the gate so they see you.
  4. The gate attendant will allow you (and a travel companion) to start driving down the gangway by yourself. They are too busy getting ready to push the each and every passenger in manual chair down the gangway.
  5. Drive slow, sometimes the gangways are steep with 2-3 inch drops in each section of the expandable hallway.
  6. Once at the landing area outside the plane, fold up your chair.
  7. Remove the joystick and take it on the plane with you.
  8. Place the travel bag over your folded chair to protect it from baggage handlers.
  9. Board the plane…IF you can not walk onto the plane, ask the flight attendant to use the “Aisle Chair”.
  10. The aisle chair is a very narrow wheelchair flight attendants use to push you down the aisle to your seat.

This has been another goDRIVE electric wheelchair driving tip video from Michele, our CEO.

About the author

Michele Klein

Michele was an all-star college athlete in basketball and track. At the age of 26 she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. By the time she was in her late 30s the disease had crippled her to the point that she could no longer stand or walk, and she was forced to be permanently confined to a wheelchair. Today, Michele has had six joint replacement surgeries: both knees, both hips, and both shoulders. She uses her own personal FOLD & GO Electric Wheelchair to help her get around when she has to be on her feet for long periods of time, or has lots of walking to do. Michele is happy and grateful to build a product that meets the needs of so many people, including herself! It is her passion to help others that drives our company to produce the best product and offer AMAZING customer service to EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER.

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Shelley J MACK

Can you tell me if these are available in Canada? And how much does one weight?

    Julie Benjamin

    We ship our chairs to Canada. Our heavy duty weighs 55 pounds and our regular weighs 46 pounds.

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